Uploading artifact to Nexus without Maven

There are several ways to upload an artifact to nexus with or without using maven. This will be helpful when your code is not written in java or language that does not work well with maven. Or you just want to upload a file to nexus from command line as a part of build process. Whatever!

  • Using Curl

Use Curl to directly upload a file to /content/repositories/<repo-id>/<path-of-file>.

curl -v -u nexusadmin:pwd –upload-file pom.xml http:// nexusrepo:8081/nexus/content/repositories/releases/com/sanjeev/demo/1.0/demo-1.0.pom

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Generating CSR for SSL Certificate

Generating Certificate Signing Request is essentially the first step towards installing SSL certificate. This post is about generating a CSR using Openssl on Linux system.


You need openssl installed on your system, depending on your distribution you can install openssl from the package manager of compile it from the source. Continue reading