Using Maven to upload zip file to nexus

Maven can be used to upload files to nexus. This can be very helpful when you want to use nexus to distribute artifacts other than jar or war or pom.


Rebooting Machine Learning

I am starting with machine learning again and I am documenting my learning progress in the blogs. I will write about problems I am trying to solve and common machine learning algorithms and tools.

I will follow along some videos, tutorials and I will post links for these in the blogs.

Running a single test with Maven

We can test just one class with maven by providing the test class as follows

$ mvn test

or just one test

$ mvn

Saves a lot of time when you want to skip all the tests but one.


Disabling Cache in Tests

Disable Caching in your test in your Spring boot application by adding following properties in file in your test resources folder

spring.cache.type = none

This will disable the cache in your tests.


Changing Springboot Properties at runtime in tests

So you have different tests that have different properties requirements and you want to change the springboot properties at runtime for some of the tests. The simplest way to do that is to set the properties using @TestPropertySource annotation.  Continue reading


Using Docker to build Software

Sometimes, we need a lot of dependencies and libraries to build a software and sometimes we need different version of same library and dependency. It is easier to install these dependencies when the list is small, but this list can grow out of hand very quickly and we need to install a lot of dependencies just for that 10 line of important code. And sometimes these dependencies conflicts with other systems or libraries. Continue reading


Creating Code Coverage reports with JaCoCo Maven Plugin

Oh Boy! Setting up Coverage for a project, Yes it is quite daunting task and getting everything right will take some tweaking and planning. In this post we will explore on how we can use JaCoCo maven plugin to create code coverage for both Unit Tests and Integration Tests.

Continue reading